Animal-Speak (Ted Andrews)


Animal-Speak: Understanding Animal Messengers, Totems, and Signs was a quick listen, just over three hours. The author/narrator was clearly well-versed in the subject, and displayed a fervor for promoting stronger connections betweens humans and the rest of the natural world.
Takeaways, most of which were gleaned from the last ten minutes of summary:

Noting the universality of animal/nature myths and themes across worldwide cultures, implying that ubiquity infers a fundamental truth or usefulness.

Nature is talking to us all the time. We have forgotten how to listen.

Most Americans spend less than one hour a week outdoors including time spent walking to/from car. Spending more time in nature helps our senses become alive and attuned to the clues that are awaiting us from and in the natural world. “In animals and nature we discover who we really are.”

Live the dreamtime while awake, pay attention to subtle signs through animals that show up in our lives. The psychedelic implications of the author’s words harkened to deep knowings that were revealed while exploring various realms.

“We can starve from a lack of wonder as much as from a lack of food.”

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